Sunday, 15 May 2011

Humble Beginnings

Today is the first day of my blog. I have never written a blog post before.  I have found encouragement from colleagues and people that I have met recently to "just do it" and start writing and sharing my experiences.

My goal of this blog is to share ideas and gain new knowledge from other software testers around the world.

I started today thinking of a name for this blog. I thought of Testing the Limits (taken), Mapping the Future, Building a Foundation (sounds like construction work), and many others. I was trying to play with the idea of using Agile in the title as well well, but I do not want limit myself to Agile only. Yes I am exploring Agile testing currently, but I want to be open to all types of software testing.

There is much for me to learn and I am looking forward to your opinions, your expertise and advice.

Let the journey begin....

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nolan,

    Nice to see testers using mind maps for test cases. I've couple of things i'm skeptical about.
    > For test cases with multiple steps, the map would sometimes spawn more than one page.

    > Also, the more number of test cases for the module, more number of branches the map would possess making it more clumsy.

    Breaking the map into sub maps would be one idea but, how many are we going to break?

    I'd the same idea as you did and blogged the raw idea earlier -

    I've proposed the same process to my team and taking a trail run this week on mind mapped test cases.